Brainstorm March

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Brainstorm March by Mind Map: Brainstorm March

1. Re-Brand

2. Charity

2.1. Jungle Keepers

2.2. Yoga Minds

2.3. karma classes

3. Special events

4. Online presence

4.1. Content ideas

4.1.1. new students How to start Foundations

4.1.2. Beginner students

4.1.3. existing students

4.1.4. Spécial content Zoom paid classes Heath care workers Desk workers

4.1.5. Express Express move Express calm

4.1.6. Nidra and Meditation

4.1.7. Posture Q and A

4.1.8. Mini Workshops

4.1.9. Teacher food


4.1.11. Guest speaker or guest teacher

4.1.12. Yin at the wall

4.1.13. Préparation for inversions

4.1.14. Inversion practice with home props

4.1.15. Yin and Mantras/chant... Lana!

4.1.16. Guided Savasana Yummmm

4.2. Container/Chanels

4.2.1. Insta live free with donations Insta TV YOGA SHORTS

4.2.2. FB Live free with donations

4.2.3. Vimeo OTT Create an app that is Vimeo "Over the top" with pre-recorded stuff Way of generating revenue for the studios Pre-loaded video content Choose very deliberately

4.2.4. Zoom paid for money goes to the teacher do on top of insta and FB Choose who does it so its good quality To generate money for teachers Used MO to book the class and get the payment and then to zoom for the class

4.2.5. What’s needed sent by DEE

4.3. Best practices for filming

4.3.1. Contrasting colors

4.3.2. Log in early, say hi to viewers



4.4.2. Instagram and Facebook

4.4.3. Zoom

4.4.4. VimeoOTT - loaded content

4.4.5. New to Yoga Challenge

4.4.6. Current Students

4.4.7. Meditation/savasana Challenge

4.5. Payment of teachers

4.5.1. « All donations and money provided from maintained memberships will go to active online teachers and staff who are working really hard to make this possible. »

4.6. EMAIL DATA base

4.6.1. INSTAGRAM Encourage to instagram, the teachers you know and love

4.6.2. if you want more, Modo online

4.6.3. Instagram TV Yoga shorts (15min)

4.6.4. Zoom / paid class, revenue generating classes. 10$ classes or access through membership Specialty classes Workshops Privates