psychology B

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psychology B by Mind Map: psychology B

1. This means that you just have to 5 collect the data, 6 exam the data, 7 reach a conclusion and 8 report the findings but we can forget about that till after our self isolated holiday at home!!!

2. What i am hoping for is the first few sections completed before 3rd of April, when we stop for the Spring break if you are able to 1 choose your topic, 2 review the literature 3 form a hypothesis & 4 design the study that would be amazing

3. You can even get people to undertake a basic experiment on their own and record the results for you. Within your conclusion you are supposed to evaluate on the process and you can say that this was a weakness that was brought about by the current pandemic and social distancing

4. this might be a bit difficult ATM but it's not completely impossible. If you can't see and observed people you can still communicate with them over the phone/ internet and organise surveys, semi structured interviews etc

5. this second outcome requires that you undertake an experiment