"Reinvent driving experience for beer lovers based on gaming." (1)

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"Reinvent driving experience for beer lovers based on gaming." (1) by Mind Map: "Reinvent driving experience for beer lovers based on gaming." (1)

1. What characterizes a beer lover? Accueil | Beer Lovers' Marathon

2. Reinvent

2.1. The object already exists but has to be remodeled

2.2. Original idea out of my brain

3. Others


4. Games

4.1. Alone? Several players?

4.2. Rules

4.3. Joy, friendship, humour, peals of laughter

4.4. Where do you drink beers? World's biggest beer drinkers | Top 15 Countries that drink the most beer per capita (1960 - 2020 )

5. Beer

5.1. Alcohol? No alcohol : 5 Non-Alcoholic Beers That Are Actually Good, Ranked

6. Driving

6.1. Driving : the fact to drive

6.2. Transport (people, luggages, stuffs)

6.2.1. Other beer lovers?

6.3. Means of locomotion from point A to point B

6.3.1. Home, sea resort, pub, church, nightclub

6.4. Driving licence

7. Driving experience

7.1. Driving experience might be boring, dangerous, funny, friendly, exciting, stimulating, changing.

7.2. Driving : the fact to drive ≠ from driving experience : the way you live the fact to drive Honda Augmented Driving Concept Looks to Reinvent the Steering Wheel

7.3. Experimentation : What's the Difference Between 'Experiment' and 'Experience'?

8. Driving games : via car loudspeakers, with other passengers, road signs. 30+ Road Trip Games That Will Make You Have The Best Trip Ever

9. Incompatibility between beer (alcohol) and driving Drunk Driver Simulator (Experimental)

10. Who drives after beer?Party Hard Drivers - You Drink We Drive | Call (022) 4333 1333 to book a driver

11. Drinking games https://www.amazon.com/Buzzed-This-Drinking-Friends-Tipsy/dp/B07N338MT7