Goodbye Charles Research

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Goodbye Charles Research by Mind Map: Goodbye Charles Research

1. Gabriel Davis

1.1. Who is he? Where is he from? When did he write the play?

1.2. What are his other plays?

2. The play

2.1. Who are the characters? What is the Play synopsis? When is it set? Where is it set?

2.1.1. The characters what is their significance?

2.2. Where has it been previously performed?

2.3. Significance of the places in the play?

3. Themes

3.1. Relationships

3.1.1. the relationships between the characters

3.2. Divorce

3.2.1. the affect this has and why its in the play

3.3. marriage

3.3.1. how marriage is portrayed in the play

3.4. commitment

3.5. death

3.6. separation

3.7. Mystery (who done it)

3.7.1. The story flow following this

3.8. LGBTQ+

3.8.1. How this ties in after we changed the gender of some of the characters.

4. Practitioner Influence

4.1. Brecht and his style/ teaching

4.1.1. Who is brecht?

4.1.2. What is his approach and his styles

4.1.3. When was brecht around

4.1.4. Where was he from

4.1.5. Why we are using Brecht style in the play

4.1.6. How are we using his styles

5. Our version of the play compared to the original

5.1. Where we have set it and why has it changed

5.1.1. The significance of the places we have chose to set it in and the social context regarding it

5.2. Why that era?

5.2.1. How do the themes differ in significance from the original set time in 2012 to 2020

5.3. Why we changed genders and how that affected the play

5.3.1. How we adapted

6. Historial and social context

6.1. what was going on in america and the UK during the time the play was written regarding marriage, relationships, the way people dated and