Diversity & Inclusion Committee Goals 2020

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Diversity & Inclusion Committee Goals 2020 by Mind Map: Diversity & Inclusion Committee Goals 2020

1. Advocacy

1.1. Continue to promote and advocate for D&I in LMA.

1.1.1. Share examples of LMA members, committee members and those in the industry that are having an impact on a firm’s bottom line

1.1.2. Build out mentor/mentee program at Annual Conference and year-round to ensure committee members are cultivating and mentoring future LMA leaders who represent diversity and inclusion, with ultimate goal of bringing more diverse leadership to LMA's ranks

2. Programming

2.1. Continue to work toward building out programming focused on diversity and inclusion within the following two areas.

2.1.1. LMA Annual Conference Focused on providing D&I programming at the annual conference and ensuring D&I focus on speakers D&I language in call for speakers Reoccuring D&I specific programming Pre-Con focused on training C-Suite decision makers Diversity testimonials Town Hall Bringing the D&I theme down to a specific area D&I Theme

2.1.2. SIG Programming Focused on providing guidance and best practices to law firms and across industry building out diversity and inclusion programs based on 3 buckets. Equip members to become D&I advocates within their firms

3. Member Resources

3.1. Cultivate membership resources and demographic information to help promote D&I within LMA

3.1.1. Continue to push for accurate demographic information regarding members

3.1.2. Strategic content and layout, maintenance, and support of member resources section of the website.

4. Policies

4.1. Cultivate policies and procedures that promote D&I both internally within LMA and within firms.

4.1.1. Continue to advocate for diverse and inclusive policies and procedures for LMA and its vendors Create transparent selection process for speakers, vendors, and partners

4.1.2. Continue to build out best practices resources related to D&I policies within firms Review existing policies and provide feedback on suggested changes and areas for improvement

5. Communications

5.1. Organize a communication strategy around D&I committee goals and create appropriate messaging around it

5.1.1. Content calendar that houses communications going out. Q2: Holiday Highlights, Calendar Looking Forward, Initiatives, Strategies

5.1.2. Liaison to HQ social media team from a D&I perspective. (Women's History Month, Diversity Month, Inclusion Month, etc.) The Faces of LMA

5.1.3. Q&A with Christine & Committee Announcement

5.1.4. Communications Strategy Needed: LMA HQ Strategic Plan Review Strategy to Create Comms Strategy (Sonali + Mark) Regroup and discuss 4:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM CST / 1:00 PM PST on April 8th

6. On Hold

6.1. Regional programming

6.2. Networking and affinity groups

6.3. D&I liaison at regional level

6.4. D&I 101 - for 2021

7. Leadership

7.1. Part Zero: Restructure of Committee

7.2. Part One: Committee Training

7.2.1. Partnership with National Diversity Council (Gia) Committee and LMA access to programming

7.2.2. Request for Funds (Gia) Training and advocacy webinars Implicit bias training

7.3. Part Two: Access to D&I

7.3.1. Equip regions with access to D&I leadership Attend regional calls as a resource

7.4. Part Three: Structural Changes

7.4.1. Quarterly Advocacy Chair calls