CAE Strategies - Part 6

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CAE Strategies - Part 6 by Mind Map: CAE Strategies - Part 6

1. Contributions & Questions

1.1. Exercise of an online debate about advertising (topic).

2. Steps

2.1. 1. Understand the topic and the theme of the lecture or text.

2.2. 2. Read the questions twice from the contributor.

2.3. 3. Highlight or underline the key words & phrases.

2.4. 4. Note the difference and similarity of some questions with the text.

2.5. 5. Read each contribution and highlight the question issues and most important points.

2.6. 6. Find which contribution gets closer to the answer.

2.7. 7. Read again to verify your answers.

3. General advices

3.1. Not take too much time on any question or part of the text.

3.2. Read as widely as you can, without missing anything.

3.3. Leave time to check your answers for any silly mistake.

4. By: Luciano Noriega - S5A