Materials, Tools & Techniques used in Design

Technology and Design Mindmap for P6.2 Task

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Materials, Tools & Techniques used in Design by Mind Map: Materials, Tools & Techniques used in Design

1. Pinterest

1.1. Mood board

1.1.1. Mood board: images are easy to 'theme' and option to create a board (collects photos).

2. Pages

2.1. iCloud Access

2.1.1. Allows us all to work on things at the same time

2.1.2. Can share workload

2.1.3. Don't have to worry about sharing work

2.2. Simplified formatting

3. Internet

3.1. Research

3.1.1. Access to resources otherwise wouldn't have

3.2. Images

3.2.1. Access photos for mood boards and inspiration.

3.2.2. Unsplash Free images

4. Social Media

4.1. Snapchat

4.1.1. Group chats Contact with group, allowed sharing of opinions and organisation while at home.

4.2. Communication

5. Illustration apps

5.1. Sketchbook Pro

5.1.1. Designing stand, easy tools to work with and simple to control.

5.2. Adobe

5.2.1. More complex than Sketchbook Pro, helped to design logo.

6. Technique: Planning lesson at start of class.

6.1. Everyone had set goal, knew that unfinished work could be completed for h'work.

6.2. Knew what to do: No excuse to not know what doing

7. 3D Modelling

7.1. Constructed various prototypes of popcorn boxes: able to compare and contrast, see what it looks like.

8. Surveys

8.1. SurveyMonkey

8.1.1. Allowed us to conduct a simple survey to gain knowledge about basic product opinions.

8.1.2. Email Could share survey easily

8.1.3. Programmed result organiser

8.2. Used a survey to test flavour, find improvements in recipe.