Topics of @book{kelly2006moon

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Topics of @book{kelly2006moon by Mind Map: Topics of  @book{kelly2006moon

1. is about

1.1. visiting the moon

1.1.1. Space Race beginning First satellites Sputnik I Explorer I First humans on the space Laika Yuri Gagarin

1.1.2. Apollo program Apollo 1 -Three crewmen killed vehicle destroyed mission canceled. Apollo 7 First live television broadcast from a US space flight Apollo 11 First lunar landing Apollo 17 Last Apollo lunar landing

1.1.3. 12 Moonwalkers Neil Amstrong Buzz Aldrin Charles "Pete" Conrad Alan Bean Alan Shepard Edgar Mitchell James Irwin David Scott John W. Young Charles Duke Eugene Cernan Harrison "Jack" Schmitt

1.1.4. The legacy Science and engineering Practical fuel cell Computer-controlled machining Cultural impact Live transmission of the first Apollo moonwalk The Blue Marble famous photograph USA and Soviet Union's draw