Strategies for CAE part 6

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Strategies for CAE part 6 by Mind Map: Strategies for CAE part 6

1. Highlight fragments of the text that will help answer the questions. Example: Human sight tends to focus on the highlighted part of the text, this is useful when re-reading it in search for terms or answers.

2. Write the main idea of every paragraph next to it. Example: I simplified and uded my own words to write briefly what the paragraph is about, this helped me look for phrases or sentences I remember of each paragraph.

3. Pay attention to the amount of time given to solve that part, and divide accordingly. Example: In my case, I used 80 percent of the time to read, underline and write additional notes. This 80 percent of time was divided in the four paragraphs (20 percent each). The remaining 20 percent was used to decide and answer the questions

4. Think about the intention of the author of each one: Taking into account all of the points of view helped me to relate the intentions with the statements in the answers

5. Write all the possible answers next to the blank space before writing the letter. Example: I wrote A, B and D next to the space in question 37, that helped me to discard option C when choosing