Wind - Based Electricity

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Wind - Based Electricity by Mind Map: Wind - Based Electricity

1. Where is the Hopi Indian Reservation?

2. How to use

2.1. Enter new product ideas to be turned into R&D-projects

2.2. Enter research projects in progress and their objectives

2.3. Enter development projects in progress their objectives

3. Development

3.1. What type of turbine to use?

3.2. What materials could be in short supply?

4. Research

4.1. Is there a need?

5. New Ideas

5.1. How till tribal leaders react to a foreign company?

5.2. What are the cultural barriers?

6. What are the legal hurdles?

7. Who will build the prototype?

8. Who will we award contracts to?

8.1. New node

9. When will we pitch it to the elders?

10. What is our projected test date?

11. What went wrong with first prototype?

12. What will our back up source of power be?

13. Are there any U.S. regulations we must follow?

14. How much wind power can we harness?