Data Protection

An overview of the Data Protection Act 1998

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Data Protection by Mind Map: Data Protection

1. Background

1.1. What's is about?

1.1.1. Personal data

1.1.2. Standards for handling that data

1.1.3. How to meeting those standards

1.2. Where did it come from?

1.2.1. Euro Convention on Human Rights in 1950s

1.2.2. Concerns about restricting trade within Europe

1.2.3. Reflection of importance of Euro issues Untitled Free movement Free trade

1.2.4. Early UK developments Untitled Sex Discrimination Act 1971 Race Relations Act 1968 Younger Report 1972 White Papers Lindop Report 1978

1.2.5. Early international developments Untitled OECD guidelines in 1980 Council of Europe Treaty in 1981

1.3. The UK Laws

1.3.1. Data Protection Act 1984

1.3.2. Data Protection Act 1998 Untitled Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC

1.3.3. Human Rights Act 1998

2. Law

2.1. Statutes

2.1.1. Untitled Key concepts Personal data Processing Data Protection Principles Notification Data Subject Data Controllers Data Processors Jurisdiction Risks Untitled

2.2. Statutory Instruments

2.3. Guidance notes

3. Conclusions

3.1. Awareness is low, but rising

3.2. You cannot ignore DPA issues

3.3. Strong contract position is always better than trying to sort out later