Potential Solutions

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Potential Solutions by Mind Map: Potential Solutions

1. More preventive care work in schools

1.1. Gives young people the opportunity to recognise symptoms early

1.2. Provides young people with information about common illnesses

2. More doctor appointment availability

2.1. Longer opening hours - would allow people to go to the doctors around their working hours

3. How can we solve financial issues?

3.1. Increase costs for the rich

3.2. Focus more on providing care for the younger generation

3.3. Lower the number of medical tests for patients

3.4. Work with private insurances

3.5. Mobile Clinics - to go to patients (save costs)

4. How can we solve transportation issues?

4.1. Decrease transportation costs

4.2. Provide more public transport in different areas

4.3. Have more regular transport times

5. Work with Student Run Clinics

5.1. Give medical students experience in providing preventive care

5.2. More medical support in the community

5.3. Lower costs

6. Pop-up Clinics

6.1. Volunteer clinicians

6.1.1. Basic care - lowers costs

6.2. Accessible by a range of patients

6.3. Seek to meet some of the immediate health care of patients

7. Have updated courses for medical staff in surgeries

7.1. Keep up with training

8. Raising more awareness

8.1. Posters

8.1.1. Allow people to be more aware of symptoms they may have

8.1.2. Less emergency room usage- lowers costs