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Context by Mind Map: Context

1. Multifunctional Living

1.1. 2 uses

1.1.1. Existing products Oven/Grill Fridge with water dispenser Abstract art Sofa beds

1.1.2. My Ideas Drinks bottles Storage Second incomes Tradesmenship Something that slides open Furniture Would have to be quite large

1.1.3. Furntiture Sofa Bed Kitchen Equipment Living room area The idea of maximising living space Putting Sofas etc in corners TV on the wall Tables Dining sets Chair sets Chairs

2. Teenage Lifestyle

2.1. Existing products

2.1.1. Social Media Online chatrooms Video calls

2.1.2. Phones AirPods

2.1.3. Games PS4 PS5 Xbox Series X Switch

2.1.4. Sports equipment Football equipment

2.1.5. Shoes Air force 1

2.1.6. Clothes

2.1.7. Make Up

2.1.8. School Homework Homework help sites Forums Answer sites Revision books Bag Stylish Comfortable Light

2.1.9. Headphones Earphones Airpods Wirless Wired

2.2. My ideas

2.2.1. Sunglasses

2.2.2. PS4/Xbox controller skins

2.2.3. Game help website

2.2.4. Apps Lets people hire out children to do jobs Babysitting Mowing lawns Helping them move things Paper rounds Dog walking Washing cars Homework help

2.2.5. Educational board game spinoffs GCSE PE trivial pursuit Economics who wants to be a millionaire More biological version of operation

3. Nature and the Environment

3.1. Pollution

3.1.1. Sustainable resources Water Compost

3.2. Recycling

3.2.1. Bins Filter Apps Rewards

3.3. Animals

3.3.1. Dog collar

3.3.2. Beds

3.3.3. Food

3.4. Camping

3.4.1. Tents

3.4.2. Sleeping bag

3.4.3. Caravans Glamping Luxury furniture

3.4.4. Stoves

3.4.5. Food storage Backpacks

3.4.6. Headlamps

3.4.7. Warm clothes Thermals Insulators

3.4.8. Water bottles

3.4.9. Tools Swiss Army knife

3.5. Gardening

3.5.1. Tools Spades Shovels Wheelbarrows Watering can Gloves Flowerpots Pruners Hoses Bins Shears

3.5.2. Books Education Instruction books Artistic books Vegetable gardening

3.5.3. Plant Health Using compost and Rainwater Fertilisers Sunglight UV rays Water