Community Book Exchange

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Community Book Exchange by Mind Map: Community Book Exchange

1. First Steps

1.1. Description

1.1.1. Checklist

1.1.2. Considerations Climate Image: Audience City or HOA policies

2. Notable Examples

2.1. Description

2.1.1. Images with links and captions Seminole Heights Example Image: Portland Example Image: Madison Example Image:

3. About Me

3.1. Description

3.1.1. Bio statement Image:

3.1.2. Statement about Temple Terrace, FL.

4. Home

4.1. top

4.1.1. Name of site

4.1.2. Navigation bar (horizontal) Home Community Building First Steps Notable Examples About Me My Experience

4.2. right

4.2.1. Introduction Philosophy of the Community Book Exchange

4.3. left

4.3.1. Image:

4.4. bottom

4.4.1. Copyright

4.4.2. Contact information

4.4.3. Last Updated

5. Community Building

5.1. Description

5.1.1. Benefits

5.1.2. The Bigger Picture/What does this do for a community? Image:

6. My Experience

6.1. Description

6.1.1. A note about my progress starting a community book exchange in Temple Terrace.

6.1.2. A link to my blog, Blogs of Prey, where I will discuss the steps in detail.