Chemistry in Guatemala

Quimica en Guatemala

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Chemistry in Guatemala by Mind Map: Chemistry in Guatemala

1. Oil exploitation in Guatemala is another area in which chemists have participated actively, for about 60 years.

2. Mineral exploitation activities require the services of professionals in chemistry.

3. Analyses of water for household, agricultural, and industrial use; soil; and air are activities of great demand in the country throughout the year.

4. Chemists also work in the analysis of raw materials, formulation, research and development of products in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, and natural products industries, activities where 28% of chemists are involved.

5. Over 40% of chemists work as teachers or professors in different colleges and universities.

6. After the Board of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy authorized the creation and operation of a program in chemistry on 23 October 1965, the University Council approved the curriculum of the last five terms of the program, a Bachelor’s degree with 5 years duration.

7. History

8. Areas of Activity for Chemists