Mindmap for Promotional Video Assignment

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AAFC by Mind Map: AAFC

1. Ideas

1.1. Inrease number of fresh staff and volunteers

1.1.1. promotional materials. aimed at generating interest in adults to get involved. focusing on benefits of participation in the organisation personal development qualities life experience potential

1.2. retain new staff and volunteers

1.3. promote progression through organisation within new staff and volunteers

2. Plan

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Create interest in the AAFC as volunteers or staff

2.2. Rules

2.2.1. Stay within AAFC PR requirements

2.3. Define Problems

2.4. Capture Ideas

2.5. Prioritize Ideas

2.6. Define Action Points

3. Problem

3.1. Workload of Staff

3.1.1. shortage of staff more paperwork per individual per activity less trained or qualified persons increased workload on trained persons

3.1.2. number of senior cadets able to undertake staff roles under circumstance still considered staff

3.2. Number of Cadets proportional to number of staff

3.2.1. subject to policy regarding OHS etc. non negotiable

3.3. Limited number of fresh minds to staffing and volunteers

3.3.1. caused by lack of awareness of potential gains from volunteering organisation management lack of promotion aimed volunteers

3.4. Diminishing number of cadets

3.4.1. caused by shortage of staff not enough staff to run extracurricular activities lack of interesting content shortage of staff lack of cadets to approve larger more interesting activities

4. Action Points

4.1. Promotional Video aimed at attracting new staff and volunteers to the organisation.

4.2. Website containing contact information and Promotional materials