Why You Do Not Need to Read 1,000 Books to Be Successful

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Why You Do Not Need to Read 1,000 Books to Be Successful by Mind Map: Why You Do Not Need to Read 1,000 Books to Be Successful

1. Quantity Doesn’t Matter

1.1. Overloading yourself with information is a guaranteed path to failure.

1.2. If you are not reading simply for fun, escape, or entertainment — for growth essentially — then you need to focus your reading.

1.3. You need the right information, and not necessarily the most.

2. Reading Without Action Is Useless

2.1. Focusing on a number of books to finish actually might hurt your ability to act on what you are learning.

2.2. The focus on quantity prevents you from figuring out the one thing that you need to implement or change.

3. Read What Is Worth Reading

3.1. What you read makes a difference. What you put into your mind and plant in your subconscious does matter.

3.2. But the person who does not read good books has no advantage over the person cannot read at all.

4. Re-Read Until

4.1. Track how many books that are so good that you must re-read them in order to become who you want to become.

4.2. Don't search for copious quantities of books so that you can build a bookshelf or a library.

4.3. Read in order to become a person worth knowing, spending time with, and following

4.4. Focus on the very best information and study it intently.

5. Ultimately, Reflect

5.1. Reflection creates change.

5.1.1. It allows you consciously choose our direction instead of being forced to proceed based on whims and urgencies.

5.2. Reflection allows you to choose who I want to become.

5.3. Focusing on growth instead of chasing a normal of books allows you to create, day by day.

5.4. It is not about reading the most, it is about being effective.