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Budget 2012 by Mind Map: Budget 2012

1. Measures for Economy

1.1. Managing dependency on foreign workers

1.1.1. Reduction in Dependency ratio ceilings (DRC's)

1.2. Capturing Growth opportunities

1.2.1. Increase Tourism New node

1.2.2. Helping companies internalise

2. Measures for Household

2.1. Rewarding work for elderly

2.2. Stronger Healthcare

2.2.1. Improve affordability

2.3. Helping senior citizens unlock savings

2.4. Support citizens with learning difficulties

2.5. Uplifting lower income families

2.6. Giving out GST Vouchers

3. Measures for Transport

3.1. Revision to Vehicle Tax Regime

3.1.1. For Green Vehicles/ Electric and or Hybrid Cars. 40% Rebate given as of 2001 After 10 years, there is a modest uptake

3.2. Special Disel Tax for Euro V Vehicles

3.2.1. For cleaner disel technologies, tax for Euro V vehicles would be lowered from $1.25/CC to $0.40/CC as of Jan 2013. This is a 70% reduction Encourages users to use more eco friendly fuel leaner environment and greener Singapore

3.3. Boosting bus capacity.

3.3.1. 1.1 Billion set apart to boost bus capacity New node

3.3.2. Required because of increasing amount of public commuters 60% of all public transport trips are made on bus

3.3.3. Boost bus capacity by improving efficiency and introducing a sustainable system of fare revenues

3.3.4. 800 buses to be added over the next 5 years This will reduce crowding and waiting time