Death for Love

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Death for Love by Mind Map: Death for Love

1. How it happened

1.1. where they got their idea to write one of their best work

1.2. how long did it take them to write it, who they might have refrenced it to

2. Effects of their death

2.1. what happened after they passed away

2.2. all that people did after their death and all of their works

3. Roald Dahl

3.1. how he was when he was young, his childhood, and all that happened to him

3.2. what was going on during the year he wrote the short story that made him end it badly

4. William Shakespeare

4.1. how he wrote his story

4.2. why he wrote his story

5. Lifes at that time

5.1. what all was the wars or any types of news that were happening; any family problems that made them write things about death

5.2. any issues with someone that they were good friends with

6. Death

7. Love because of death

8. Love

9. Death for love

10. Dahl

11. Shakespeare