Lewis Carroll (England, 1832)

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Lewis Carroll (England, 1832) by Mind Map: Lewis Carroll (England, 1832)

1. Alice through the Looking-Glass

1.1. five years later..

2. Alice in Wonderland (1865)

2.1. provided a substancial income to Carroll

3. .. he told stories aloud, to Liddell children

4. ALICE LIDDELL(inspiration)

5. Fascinated by logic, puzzles and mathematics

6. in 1855 he was working to become a priest

7. when he met Henry Liddell

7.1. New node

8. English writer and mathematician

9. in 1861 he had produced a few volumes (never succesfull as Alice)

9.1. mathematics

9.1.1. New node

9.2. short poetry