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Acceptance by Mind Map: Acceptance

1. Sandra Cisneros

1.1. childhood

1.2. home life

1.3. background of "Only Daughter"

1.4. world events that took place during her writing period of "Only Daughter"

2. Theme: Acceptance

2.1. definition of acceptance

2.2. consequences of teens not feeling accepted

2.3. Cisneros want of acceptance

2.4. Youngs want of acceptance

2.5. Vincent Van Gogh want of acceptance

3. Vincent Van Gogh

3.1. childhood/growing up

3.2. background behind "Starry Night"

3.3. his experience with acceptance

3.4. how acceptance could have an effect on his alcohol and mental problems

4. Bettie B. Youngs

4.1. childhood/teen life

4.2. home experiences

4.3. backgorund of "Paintbrush"

4.4. world events that took place