CIL 532 Final Reflection: Technology for ELL students

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CIL 532 Final Reflection: Technology for ELL students by Mind Map: CIL 532 Final Reflection:  Technology for ELL students

1. Advantages of Technology in ESL classrooms

1.1. Non-biased, Non-judgemental

1.2. Lowered Affective Filter

1.3. Less Teacher Talk

1.4. Can differentiate and individualize lessons/learning

1.5. Connects sounds/images to symbols

1.5.1. Waxman, Telliz Article

1.6. Self-motivated learning

1.6.1. Authentic/High Interest Supports the "Gradual Release of Responsibility Model"

1.6.2. Quick feedback provided

1.6.3. Multimedia assessment opportunities

2. Possible Challenges of Technology in ESL Classrooms

2.1. Not enough resources for all students at school

2.1.1. Budget cuts

2.2. Availability limited at home for students

2.3. Teacher training needed in...

2.3.1. Classroom management Evaluation of software

2.4. Finding the right software/programs is time consuming

3. What I Have Learned About Technology in doing Class Activities in CIL 532

3.1. Technology assists with SIOP Model

3.1.1. Building Background

3.1.2. Motivation

3.1.3. Comprehensible Input

3.2. Computer "Lingo" more understandable

3.3. Learned to create and use educational applications

3.3.1. PowerPoint

3.3.2. Online Graphic Organizers

3.3.3. Classroom Website

3.3.4. Blogging and other Social Networking

3.3.5. Embedding and linking information

3.4. Built my own Background Knowledge of Technology

3.4.1. Watching Webinars

3.4.2. Watching teacher videos

3.4.3. Reading related articles

3.4.4. Interaction with Classmates Viewing Choice Projects Discussions Helpful tips and suggestions

4. Most Challenging Activity

4.1. Standards Comparison using Graphic Organizer

4.1.1. WIDA Standards are very broad

4.1.2. Common Core Standards are more specific

4.1.3. Finding similarities/differences was difficult

4.1.4. Gained a better understanding of how each are used in a collaborative way

5. Most Beneficial Activity

5.1. Articles presenting differing views on technology use in the classroom

5.2. WIDA/Common Core Graphic Organizer

6. Other Insights

6.1. Technology is for everyone. Even if we're older!

6.1.1. Mistakes and "redos"are part of the learning curve.

6.1.2. Give yourself time to practice technology

6.1.3. Challenge yourself/Don't frustrate yourself

6.2. Confidence gained to incorporate more technology...

6.2.1. into my everyday life

6.2.2. into my classroom

7. Goals and Next Steps

7.1. Keep Learning about Technology for Students

7.1.1. Try new applications; iMovie, Prezi, Video Diary, Digital Portfolio

7.2. Focus on small technology changes in our classroom to begin with...

7.2.1. In our Project Approach Curriculum, use technology to research student-chosen topics

7.2.2. Set aside time to incorporate technology in some way everyday with students

7.3. Organize websites and information from CIL 532 into an accessible file and share what I have learned with my collegues