Types of Validity and Reliability

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Types of Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Types of Validity and Reliability

1. Validity

1.1. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence

1.1.1. Concurrent correlates test scores with external standard or criterion does performance on new test match performance on established test

1.1.2. Predictive Predicts future behaviors help determine how student will succeed in college

1.2. Content Validity Evidence

1.2.1. evidence matches instructional objectives help determine if curriculum will meet State requirements

1.3. Construct Validity Evidence

1.3.1. relationship to other information corresponds well with some theory if we study math facts every night we will do better on math fact exam

2. Reliability

2.1. Test-retest

2.1.1. test administered twice to same group with no specific instruction in-between can show that a test is reliable if scores have high correlation

2.2. Alternate forms of equivalence

2.2.1. two equivalent forms of test administered to same students in a period of time can be used for test security

2.3. Internal consistency

2.3.1. Split half method divide test in half and administer to different students useful in creating reliable shorter quizzes to end in longer test

2.3.2. Kuder-Richardson method measures what a question on one test has in common with another form of test confirms concept is being tested to in both forms of test