Implications of Climate Change on Singapore

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Implications of Climate Change on Singapore by Mind Map: Implications of Climate Change on Singapore

1. reduce in biodiversity of mangrove

2. Erratic Rainfall

2.1. Adverse effects on quality of surface and groundwater; contamination of water supply; water scarcity may be relieved

2.2. Heavy precipitation events. Frequency increases over most areas

2.3. Damage to crops; soil erosion, inability to cultivate land due to waterlogging to soils

2.3.1. New node

2.4. Increased risk of deaths, injuries and infectious, respiratory and skin diseases

2.5. Disruption of settlements, commerce, transport, and societies due to flooding: pressure on urban and rural infrastructures; loss of property

3. Increase in Sea level

3.1. flooding

3.1.1. architectural damage

3.1.2. problems with land reclaimation

3.1.3. New node

3.2. coastal erosion / receding coastline

3.2.1. biodiversity loss (mangroves)

3.2.2. salt water intrusion

3.2.3. coral bleaching

3.3. property prices increase at certain places

3.4. deeper ports

3.4.1. bigger ships able to come in = $$$

4. Increase in Temperature

4.1. Thermal Discomfort

4.1.1. Higher utilization of electricity- aircon inflation, higher taxes -.-

4.2. Increase UHI

4.3. increase in evaporation

4.4. crops dying

5. Social Economic implications

5.1. More fiscal budget has to be spent on mitigation

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5.2. Affect food source, resulting in increase in food prices -> Singapore highly dependent on import of food

5.3. Vector borne diseases increase e.g dengue fever cases

5.4. Increase in insurance premiums

5.5. Unhappiness with the government increases

5.6. Higher cost incurred by SMEs who cannot afford to abide to the measures taken to mitigate climate change-> unhappiness and unfairness

6. New node

7. New node