Fatherhood Think Tank: Developing A 20 Year Blueprint With A 50 Year Vision

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Fatherhood Think Tank: Developing A 20 Year Blueprint With A 50 Year Vision by Mind Map: Fatherhood Think Tank: Developing A 20 Year Blueprint With A 50 Year Vision

1. Nations that support 1. Paternity leave, and 2. Women in workforce could increase GDP (*Promundo)

2. Paternity leave

2.1. Strengthening Bonding

2.1.1. Brain development, Security, Attachment Supporting women in the workforce Co-parenting Social messaging, gender equity Long-term positive economic impact

2.2. Frederick Douglas: "It's easier to raise a strong child than fix a broken man".

3. Nationally

3.1. Problem: No coordinated entity

3.1.1. Solution: We Know Who Develop One, We Can Ask For Help To Create Another -- Utilize Technology, Save Money Leader: Point person/people who is/are widely respected across sectors and influencial; involves others - not elitist. *No blocking people out.

3.2. Used to have National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families (NPNFF)

3.3. Aspen Institute

3.3.1. ASPEN INSTITUTE FATHERHOOD LEARNING AND ACTION COMMUNITY Joe Jones, Baltimore, Aspen Fellow Worked w/ Obama on Fatherhood Initiatives

4. UN Year of Fatherhood

4.1. Peace & Reconciliation

4.2. The UN has never had a Year that recognizes Fatherhood/Fathers

4.2.1. Africa Middle East South America Strong Focus on Peace Process(es)

4.2.2. Cultivate with Indigenous Peoples

4.3. Research the UN "Simmit on Fathers"

4.3.1. Dr. Kyle Pruett said he spoke; however cannot find any record of summit

4.4. Study International Women's Day (March 8) for insight how to develop

4.4.1. Official UN Themes Every year since '96 the UN hosted a "Year of" that supports women Ex) 1997, Women at the Peace Table -- Duplicate; Fatherhood at the Peace Table

5. Mapping Micro-, Mezzo-, Macro-structural influences on fathers and family formation

5.1. Micro- = Individual & Personal Development

5.1.1. Inner self Strengthening home life Routines Make the Bond!!! Douglas for Mother's & Fathers Fatherhood Groups that Help Prepare & Maintain

5.1.2. Investing $2k per yr in Roth IRA at 12%, starting when child is 16 for 7 yrs - at their retirement = $1M+

5.1.3. Mental Health, Addiction, and Wellness Tailor and improve supports to include a fatherhood focus

5.1.4. Quadruple Messages on Essentially of Bonding: Invest heavily in the heavenly. Grow Roots Fatherhood Prep Classes, grow & expand - train former student-parents

5.2. Mezzo- = Messaging, Honoring, Marketing, Community Programming, Services, and Supports

5.2.1. Assess current services, evaluate, coordinate Develop services that meet needs Gain insight into systems' vision, mission, data - tailor What do we currently have Strengths Strong local network Strong national programs, services, events

5.2.2. Increasing public safety throughout cities through a public health lens involving fatherhood initiatives

5.2.3. Develop Fatherhood Groups Barbershops, CBO's, ALC's, High schools, Pirsons/Jails, Faith Communities, Streets, etc.

5.2.4. Create fatherhood groups; encourage others to start their own; support In turn, ask young brothers and sisters what it feels like to babysit while mom is 2nd shift job, why they call females b-word, what they disespected so and so

5.2.5. Prepare the 99 for when the 1 returns

5.3. Macro- = Social & Systemic Fatherhood Inclusion

5.3.1. Renewing culture of expectations & support Social messaging

5.3.2. Data on # of inmates without strong bond w/ bio father Help inmates address THE root cause of violence; Therapy, Family strengthening/reunification

5.3.3. Increasing maternal & child health outcomes

5.3.4. MN Department of Human Services African-American Child Well Being Unit, Devon Gilquist

5.3.5. Dr. Ronald B. Mincy is the Maurice V. Russell Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice at Columbia University. He is a leading expert on social policies for low-income fathers, especially child support and workforce development, and a co-principal investigator of the foundational Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study. Mincy holds an AB from Harvard College and a PhD from MIT.

5.3.6. Acknowledge Social and Structural Blindness to Social Ills Ex) Inequities live within systems Ex) Disproportionate # of ADOS children eat breakfast/lunch at school; tremendous call for schools to do more to serve meals during covid-19 - Why do we automatically rely on schools instead of supporting families to have food; empower fatherhood to be included in alll facets and we produce solutions!

5.3.7. Develop accountable systems; don't push the 1 away from 99

5.4. World Health Organization's efforts to involve fatherhood in ways that increase maternal and infant/child health outcomes

5.4.1. "Family Included" Program UK guidelines on involving fathers in maternity care

5.5. Aspen Institute, Fatherhood Learning and Action Community

5.5.1. https://ascend.aspeninstitute.org/announcing-aspen-institute-fatherhood-learning-and-action-community/

5.5.2. Joe Jones, Aspen Fellow

6. Millions Fathers March (plural)

6.1. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

6.1.1. Same Step from where Rev Dr. King gave his message, Civil Rights March, Aug 28. 1963

6.2. Fatherhood is naturally and spiritually universal

6.2.1. So...build peace process through the true Spirit of Fatherhood

6.2.2. Hold each religion accountable through fatherhood 'Man' is competitive and independent Fatherhood is cooperative and interdependent

6.3. Have sent countless messages to Minister Louis Farrakhan asking him to call the nation, akin to the Million Man March in 1995

6.3.1. Met w/ Yusef Salaam (Central Park Five, "The Exonerated Five")

6.4. Planted seed of March, Atlanta, 2001 Intentional Fatherhood Conference (IFC)

6.4.1. Spoke again at 2002 IFC, Washington DC - discussed forging symbolic bond between North and South and unify fatherhood Last spoke publicly, 2003 IFC in Anaheim, CA. Message sweeping from West to East.

7. Family Institute Housing & Programming

7.1. MOTHERS Institute

7.2. FATHERS Institute

7.3. BROTHERS Institute

8. Local History

8.1. Festival for Fathers & Families

8.1.1. 30 Year Celebration in 2020 New direction Move date to September 19

8.2. Minneapolis referred to as Epicenter of Fatherhood Movement in late '90's

8.2.1. Fathers' Resource Center, Established by Neil Tift, 1991

8.2.2. FATHER Project established 1999 - Present

9. 20 Yr Plan, 50 Year Blueprint

9.1. Start In St. Paul & Minneapolis Blueprint

9.1.1. Challenge, Encourage, and Assist Other Cities Around The World To Lead Development of Their Own Blueprint Tailored to Their Region

9.2. Global

9.2.1. Challenge other Countries around the world to create their own 50 Year Fatherhood Blueprint

10. Arts & Entertainment

10.1. Messaging

10.2. Fatherhood-ology Compilation Album

10.2.1. Challenge Local Artists

10.2.2. Challenge other Cities to produce their own compilation album

10.3. Dads 2.0 Summit

11. Marketing Fatherhood

12. Tapping Into the Spirit of Fatherhood

12.1. "Fatherhood is perhaps the greatest untapped natural and spiritual resource available on the entire planet due to it's universality, motivational capacity, and employability."

12.2. Develop Fatherhood as loving, praying, guiding, assuring

12.2.1. "May the people from different paths recognize each other." - Cherokee blessing and prayer

12.3. Work towards tipping point - showcase how fatherhood practices increase social health and safety measures.

12.3.1. Work on global leadership who understand and support the Spirit of Fatherhood; "power with, not power over", patriarchal dominance is shortsighted

12.4. Example of the Spirit of Fatherhood

12.4.1. Kobe and Gianna

13. Malachi 4:6 - Build upon scriptural foundation, The Living Word

13.1. Last scripture in Old Testament

13.1.1. Bridge into New Testament

13.2. Parable of Path of Presidents and Kings

13.2.1. Once a father named George Bush became President. He had a son named George Bush who also became President. Both father and son who were Presidents led their nation to war. Once a father named Martin Luther was a King. He had a son named Martin Luther who also was a King. Both father and son who were Kings led their nation to peace. As a father are you teaching your son to be on the path of Presidents or the path of Kings?

13.3. Position of this scripture as the very last words in the Old Testament is no coincidence

13.3.1. "And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

13.4. Prophets quiet for 400 years after Malachi. A biblical parallel about being quiet about fatherhood can be drawn from 1619-2019. It is time.

14. Reports & Data

14.1. Promundo, Reports

14.1.1. State of the World's Fathers https://s30818.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/BLS19063_PRO_SOWF_REPORT_015.pdf

14.1.2. State of America's Father https://promundoglobal.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/State-of-Americas-Fathers-report-June-12-2016.pdf

14.2. Dad Stats

14.3. Minnesota Fathers and Families Network

14.3.1. "Do We Count Fathers" Report

14.4. Fatherless Children Statistics and Other Data on Fatherhood | NFI

14.5. Looking into partnership w/ Georgetown Juvenile Justice to create new data streams involving FATHERHOOD

15. International Fatherhood Conferences - 22nd Year 2020

15.1. NPCL, Dr. Johnson

15.1.1. Professor Bowling and Zach hosted 2018 IFC in Minneapolis

16. Fatherhood Summits & Symposiums

16.1. Developing one in St. Paul (date TBD)

16.1.1. God said to hold it in St. Paul, more than a capital city, named after a man who evolved from Saul to Paul, tailor Summit to help the Sauls and Pauls Invite gurus in various fields; they give 18 minute Ted Talk-like message 12 minute roundtable rapid-fire brainstorming sessions written from sparks & connections generated from each topic Point person helps coordinate study and action groups

16.2. Wrote letter hand delivered to Ziauddin Yousefzai, Malala's father, asked him to build Fatherhood Summit & Symposium that teaches fathers how to support girls education, stand up against Taliban/extremists, and mobilize nations to support fathers and girls education

16.3. Learn from model of the Family Summit

16.3.1. Family Summit & Conference: Atlanta, GA, August 25-27, 2017

16.3.2. Minister Farrakhan

16.3.3. Sister Ati H. Cushmeer Contact Info 404-314-3083 [email protected] Lead Organizer for 2017 Summit Sister Ati stated willingness to assist us develop

17. APOSTLES Prayer Breakfasts

17.1. Ambassadors Prayerfully Obedient to the Saviors Teachings of Love, Edification, and Sacrifice

17.1.1. Acts 2:42-47 1. Gather in His name 2. Break bread together 3. Study Jesus like the apostles studied Jesus 4. Pray for guidance on the message revealed during gathering

17.2. Have with your family, with yourself in needed

17.2.1. Host in community, you gather

17.3. Churches gather

17.4. Holy Spirit Led

17.5. Stations of the cross

17.5.1. Read letters written during lent binding us to Jesus in each station Pray for guidance

18. Social Messaging & Marketing

18.1. Challenge & assist companies to tap into fatherhood, involve, market to...

18.2. Love & Gianna = GirlDad

19. Fatherhood Movement 2.0

19.1. Assess gaps in ourselves, services, policies, systems, messaging, vision &

19.1.1. Learn what other nations are doing Ex) United Kingdom

19.2. Review history of local, national, international fatherhood movements

19.2.1. Fatherhood Movement is Brother to Civil Rights Movement Re-engage fatherhood, re-engage civil rights movement

20. Build on Universality of Fatherhood, NOT just Fathers

20.1. Fatherhood includes ALL members of the human family; women, men, children, Elders

20.1.1. Ask Elders what fatherhood should and could be

20.1.2. Ask women/mothers what fatherhood should and could be

20.1.3. Ask men/fathers what fatherhood should and could be

20.1.4. Ask children what fatherhood should and could be

20.2. Essential attributes/examples of Fatherhood: Loving, Praying, Guiding, Assuring, Truthfulness, Atonement, Preparing, Reparations, Healing, Peace, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Restoration, Maintain, Teaching, Training, Redemption, Salvation

21. Practitioner Network & Trainings

21.1. Fatherhood: Multiplier for Public Health, The Hidden Ingredient

21.2. Neil Tift

21.2.1. Re-start a National Network: Fatherhood Practitioners National Network

22. MN Prisons

22.1. Reach MN Commissioner of Corrections Schnell

22.1.1. Work With Kristi Cobbs

22.2. Tap Into John Turnipseed's Current Work In MN Prisons

23. Funding for Movement Work

23.1. Policy Window - Prison Reform

23.1.1. Bipartisan

23.2. New TANF Restructuring Next 6 Months

23.3. Social Impact Bonds

23.3.1. Ford Foundation, $1 Billion Future of funding

23.3.2. Must showcase cost savings & economic mobility through our work

24. Black Girls Rock

24.1. https://lead.blackgirlsrock.com/

25. Art Rolnik

25.1. Gesell Program in Early Childhood

25.2. Early childhood development is economic development with a very high return on investment