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Scandmodis - Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society Meeting, notes for @pdmovement link: by Mind Map: Scandmodis - Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society Meeting, notes for @pdmovement link:
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Scandmodis - Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society Meeting, notes for @pdmovement link:

Genetic Aspects in Parkinson's Disease


Genetic Parkinsonism

Feasibility of identifying genetic variants by risk-allele frequency and strength of genetic effect - 2009, Nature

Park 1/4

alfa-syn pathology in LRRK2 - mutations

Monogenic - risk factor genetic

Two pathways to PD

Promising new technology

VPS 35 gene in PD

Gaucher disease and PD

Monogenic PD

Genome wide association studies

Are there more genes

In sporadic cases

Christopher Dunninger

Prion-like disease mechanism in PD?

Neuronal survival unit


Alfa synuclein

Braak staging of Lewy related pathology in PD


Can transmitted alfa syn. seed aggregation?


Alpha Synuclein ligomers as potential therapeutic target and biomarker

Martin Ingelsson, MD, PhD

Lewy bodies/neurites consist of alfa synuclein

Oxidative stress and formation of reactive aldehydes

Notes taken for

Disclaimer: notes are personal notes, no substitute for peer reviewed work, please verify scientific papers if anything written here is interesting to you!

notes author:

Tremor and differential diagnosis - Jan Raethjen

Essential tremor





Efficacy of treatments

Treatment of PD tremor

Why does thalamic stimulation selectively abolish termor leaving voluntary motor control in tact?

Early phase PD - Richard Dodel

Centennial of the description of Lewy bodies 1912


Main targets



notes missed


Advanced Phase PD - Angelo Antonini

Patient diary of a patient w advanced PD

based on effectiveness of levodopa

notes not taken

Kailash Bhatia - is there a connection between ET and PD?

What is ET?

Paper: Tremor - Some controversial aspects

MDS consensus criteria for ET

Deuschl et al, Muslce Nerve 2001


Isolated ET of jaw

Is ET pathologically one disease?

What other conditions are commonly mistaken for ET and vice versa?

paper: Prevalence of movement disorders in men and women aged 50-89 age

Consensus statement of MDS on tremor

Is ET associated w PD or PD w ET?

various clinical cases presented

Message: be very careful w calling something ET

Gesine Paul-Visse - Intracerebroventricular administration of PDGF-BB in moderate PD


PDGF-BB for PD - a potentially disease modifying treatment

Jeff Kordower - Nurturing Gene therapy for PD

Ongoing clinical trials

protection(trofic factors)

Eduardo Tolosa - Barcelona, Spain - Neuropharmacological treatment: pipeline and future perspectives

new therapies in clinical development

other type of therapies

Tony Schapira - modifying PD



When to treat?


Anders Björklund - Nurr1

why is it interesting in PD?

no notes made