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1. Meet

1.1. They had been met this school when they reviewed the magazine.

2. Upset

2.1. He will upset once that review his result of medical test.

3. Speak

3.1. I was reviewing my homework when they spoke in French.

4. See

4.1. If you review your email constantly you will see a new email mine

5. Take

5.1. My boss didn't review my suggestion to take a decision.

6. Wear

6.1. Have you ever worn suit when you review the project of your employes?

7. Seek

7.1. she seeks the next file, while I'm reviewing this test again.

8. Shut

8.1. A lawyer is going to review for last time to shut the case.

9. Tell

9.1. Does he tell you that I need review your plan?

10. Nuevo nodo