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1. Cells

1.1. Units of life

1.2. Plant cells

1.2.1. Plant Spores Other plant parts Leaves Seeds Sexual reproduction

1.2.2. Cell membrane Cytoplasm Nucleus

1.3. Animal cells

1.3.1. Sexual reproduction Female reproductive system Vagina Male reproductive system Penis

1.3.2. Cell membrane Cytoplasm Nucleus

2. Liquid to gas

2.1. Evapouration

3. Matter

3.1. Has mass

3.2. Three states

3.2.1. Solid Have definite shape and volume

3.2.2. Liquid Have definite volume but no definite shape

3.2.3. Gas No definite shape and volume

3.3. Changes state

3.3.1. Ice to water Solid to liquid Melting

3.3.2. Water to ice Liquid to solid Freezing

3.3.3. Steam to water Gas to liquid Condensation

3.3.4. Water to water vapour

3.4. Occupies space

4. Life cycles

4.1. Occur in stages

4.1.1. Animals 3-stage cycle egg to nymph to adult egg to young to adult 4-stage cycle egg to larva to pupa to adult

4.1.2. Plants 3-stage cycle seed to seedling to adult

5. New node