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Destiny Calling by Mind Map: Destiny Calling

1. Be

2. Do

3. Have

4. See

4.1. I see my ideal mate doing all of my favorite things.

4.1.1. How much will it cost to attend your next PUA meeting?

4.1.2. If you could sum up the principles in attracting and dating girls what would it be in 10 principles?

4.1.3. Habits: Contact 5 Model Mayhem Models with a Pre-done Template utilizing the Persuasion Factors resulting in a physical meeting Mind-map out the 5 sections of attraction and take the girls through each one effectively and have stock ammo for each phase.

4.2. I see hundreds of thousands of positive comments and likes on my videos and posts.

4.2.1. Will you give me another 50k Facebook friends for $50?

4.2.2. Would you distribute my album through Walmart?

4.2.3. Toby Mac, would you sing with me on Close My Eyes? Here's the Track. Eddie James, Misty Edwards, you too I need you on Yeshua and Ahava.

4.2.4. Habits: Walking with the phone and recording the lyrics to the beats, recording the song 7x with different beats like Jihra, finishing the album lyrics like I was doing yesterday.

4.3. I see many different streams of income filling up my bank accounts from all sorts of different directions gaining momentum and increasing exponentially.

4.3.1. Would you let me receive phone calls? TMobile

4.3.2. Would you forward my number or let Google Voice work?

4.3.3. Will you make me a prototype Shaloha T Shirt so I can take it around Tel Aviv tomorrow?

4.3.4. I can go and shoot music video scenes tomorrow even with my Camera, I have enough, $200, $50 to rent out the camera and $150 to travel everywhere. This also means that I can get Clemens to bring me out to Germany.

4.3.5. Habits Passive Streams Direct Streams Dedicated Mind-Map Time Scheduled into the Day with the Habits all Scheduled especially with the 10/10 in every area of life.

4.4. I see visions, pictures of knowledge, dreams, and miracles on a daily basis.

4.4.1. I receive the solution to my problems easily because what I do is I spend time each day gathering all of my problems and utilizing the problem solving metehods outlined by Tony Robbins to fix them and I recovered all of my FormTHis Files.

4.4.2. I see now posting up at a fast Wifi Spot and downloading Adobe Premiere Pro and start importing Music Video Scenes based on the B Roll and utilizing the scenes that I have on the External Hard-Drive and perhaps some scenes on the Power Prayer Channel.

4.4.3. I can upload the new video on Power Prayers and I can delete the random scenes that are on there and start putting them in the music video

4.4.4. I can piece together the El Shaddai Music Video

4.4.5. I can finish the Lyrics for these other songs while I'm doing this tonight it can be done, I can spend the next two hours on Music Video which includes going back to the house and downloading the scenes right here right now or downloading all of the scenes that I would need for the Music Video pertaining to what I would use from Passion of the Christ and other scenes from different things and the This is my King video.

5. Experience

6. Know

6.1. Learning

6.1.1. Human

6.1.2. is Creation Relationship not figuring

6.2. Habits

6.2.1. Week Long Focus Music Video Lyric Habits

6.3. Delegation

6.4. Persausion

6.4.1. Templates

7. Other

7.1. One Page Miracle

7.2. Limiting Beliefs

7.3. Financial Ledger

7.4. Task Management

7.5. Sermons

7.5.1. Sushmad Discipline Which entails is Don't let your past, your limitations and your circumstances hinder you from your prophetic destiny. Press on to what God has called you for. How to win the race Run with Succes Overcome

7.5.2. Lewis Determine Your Director Proverbs 3:5-10 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn [entirely] away from evil. It shall be health to your nerves and sinews, and marrow and moistening to your bones. Honor the Lord with your capital and sufficiency [from righteous labors] and with the firstfruits of all your income; So shall your storage places be filled with plenty, and your vats shall be overflowing with new wine. Trust God

8. Mastering Work Flow

8.1. Collect

8.2. Process

8.3. Organize

8.3.1. Projects

8.3.2. Calendar

8.3.3. Next Actions

8.3.4. Waiting For

8.4. Review

8.5. Do

8.5.1. 50,000ft Questions What is the ultimate intention for this? What are the standards for this goals' success? Why are we doing this? What are the critical behaviors? Frequency Formats Off-sites with partners, board, team, family; initial discussions for launching projects, meetings, whole enterprises, life planning

8.5.2. 40,000ft Questions What are the ideal scenarios? What are the long-term outcomes? What will it look, sound, and feel like with successful implementation? Formats Annual revising of enterprise direction, ideal scene development, personal treasure maps. Frequency Whenever additional clarity, direction, alignment, and motivation are needed.

8.5.3. 30,000ft Questions What do we want and need to accomplish? Specifically, within the next 12-24 months, to make this vision happen?

8.5.4. 20,000ft What are the important spheres of work and life to be maintained at standards to keep the engines running?

8.5.5. 10,000ft What are the outcomes we want to achieve that require more than one action and which can be completed within a year?

8.5.6. Runway What are the next physical, visible actions to take on any project or other outcome? What are the single actions to take about anything?

9. Natural Planning Model

9.1. Purpose/Guiding Principles

9.1.1. Why is this being done?

9.1.2. What would "on purpose" really mean?

9.2. Mission/Vision/Goal/Successful Outcome

9.2.1. What would it be like if it were totally succesful?

9.2.2. How would I know?

9.3. Brainstorming

9.3.1. What are all the things that occur to me about this?

9.3.2. What is the current reality?

9.3.3. What do I know?

9.3.4. What other creative brainstorming techniques can I implement?

9.3.5. What do I not know?

9.3.6. What ought I consider?

9.4. Organizing

9.4.1. What needs to happen to make the whole thing happen?

9.4.2. What components are there to identify?

9.5. Next Actions

9.5.1. What are the next actions on the current independent components?

9.5.2. What should be done next and who should do it?

9.5.3. What is the next determined action in order to complete the planning phase if there is more planning required?