Advertising and Public relations

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Advertising and Public relations by Mind Map: Advertising and Public relations

1. Describe the major decisions involved in developing an advertising program

1.1. Setting the Advertising Budget: 4 steps

1.1.1. 1, Fixed percentage of sales. Start with last year's total gross sales or average sales for the past few years, then allocate a specific percentage of that figure for advertising. ... 2, Comparable to the competition. Adopt the industry average for ad budgets for your company. ... 3, Objective and task-based. ... 4, The maximum amount.

1.2. Developing Advertising Strategy

1.2.1. Creating the Advertising Message 1, The SWOT analysis of the product and the company. 2, Set up your main objectives. 3, Research the market, the competition, your audience. 4, Identify your target audience. 5, Select your channels. 6, Brainstorm for fresh ideas. 7, The design process. 8, Deliver your advertisements.

1.2.2. Selecting Advertising Media 1. Objectives of Firm 2. Costs Media and Company’s Financial Position 3. Reach or Number of People Exposed to the Message 4. Company’s Advertising Policy and Approach 5. Type of Buyers 6. Condition under which Customers are Influenced 7. Circulation/Coverage 8. Repetition or Frequency 9. Credibility and Image of Media

1.3. Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness and Return on Advertising

1.3.1. The process of measuring advertising effectiveness starts with a simple formula: Return on Investment. Return on Investment (ROI) evaluates cost against return. The result is a ratio; the higher the ratio, the better the return.

1.4. Other Advertising Considerations

1.4.1. Organizing for Advertising

1.4.2. International Advertising Decisions

1.5. Setting Advertising Object

1.5.1. Advertising Objectives must be stated in specific and measurable communication tasks. It must specify a target audience. It must set a standard or benchmark and specify the desired change against which results can be measured. It must specify a time period for achieving the objectives

2. Define the role of advertising in promotion mix

2.1. Advertising

2.1.1. One of the most important elements of the promotional mix, advertising involves reaching a large audience through a variety of mediums to build brand awareness, promote special offers and build customer loyalty.

3. Define the role of public relations in promotion mix

3.1. The Role and Impact of Public Relations

3.1.1. Role and Impact of Public Relations. Public relations have a powerful impact on public awareness at a lower cost than advertising. ... “Publicity” is in a non-paid printed form and its impact can be negative and positive but “Advertising” is in a paid form and it has a positive impact for good or services.

4. Explain how companies use public relations to communicate with their public

4.1. Major Public Relations Tools

4.1.1. - Media Relations. - Media Tours. - Newsletters. - Special Events. - Speaking Engagements. - Sponsorships. - Employee Relations. - Community Relations and Philanthropy.