The Last Lesson

Courtesy- Aiman Hashmi

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The Last Lesson by Mind Map: The Last Lesson

1. Scene at the town hall

1.1. A crowd an front of Bulletin board

2. Calls the French language the most beautiful language

3. Delivers his lost lesson in history

4. Bulletin board a, source of bad news

4.1. Scene at Town Hall

5. Changes in school noticed by Franz

5.1. Everything was silent

5.2. M. Hamel was in occasional dress

5.3. Classmates were already in their places

5.4. Surprising things in classroom

5.5. Kindness of M. Hamel

5.6. Serious look of the school

5.7. Village elderly people sitting on back benches

6. Lack of learning : Hamel's view

6.1. Parents ignorant; not anxious to have their children learn

6.2. He thought to enjoy birds chirping

6.3. Also blamed himself for sending children on errands

7. Pin drop silence

8. Walnut trees grow taller, hopvine reached to the roof

9. As a mark, of respect for the country

10. Franz

10.1. Franz fears while going to school

10.1.1. Late for school.

10.1.2. Afraid of scolding

10.1.3. Had not learnt lesson on participle

10.2. Franz's Plan

10.2.1. Thought of running away and spending the day outside because the day was bright and warm.

10.2.2. Tempted to watch drilling of Prussian soldiers

10.2.3. Overcome temptation and rushed to school

11. Villagers

11.1. A Tribute to Teacher by the villagers gathered in the class room

11.1.1. Repentance for not having attended in the school

11.1.2. To thank the master for 40 years’ service

12. Mr M Hamel

12.1. M. Hamel's addressing to students

12.1.1. M. Hamel demanded full attention

12.1.2. Last lesson of French

12.1.3. German will be taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine

12.1.4. Children preferred to be put to work on farms or mills

12.1.5. Franz felt sorry for ignoring his lesson

12.1.6. Deeply pained at the thought of M. Hamel going away

12.2. M. Hamel teaches his last lesson

12.2.1. Gives them their lesson in grammar

12.2.2. Wants to teach them everything in one go

12.2.3. Gives a lesson in writing

12.3. M. Hamel's dedication

12.3.1. Served school for forty year

12.3.2. Nothing had changed

12.4. M. Hamel's courage

12.4.1. Desks and benches had worn smooth

12.4.2. Tears roll down from the eyes of listeners

12.4.3. Everyone gets emotional

12.5. M. Hamel spirit of patriotism

12.5.1. Church clock strikes twelve

12.5.2. Trumpets of the Prussian soldiers sound-under the window

12.5.3. M. Hamel writes ° vive la France' to dismiss the last class

12.5.4. Dismissed school by making a gesture with his hand

13. School

13.1. Usual Scene at School

13.1.1. Hustle and bustle

13.1.2. Notes of opening and closing desk

13.1.3. Repetition of lesson in unison

13.1.4. Striking of teachers rule again not the table

14. Students

14.1. Student's attention

14.1.1. Set to work very quickly

14.1.2. Even beetles fail to distract them