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Lab 8/9 Mar 19 / 21 by Mind Map: Lab 8/9 Mar 19 / 21
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Lab 8/9 Mar 19 / 21

General plan

Explore and "finish" the grounding issue in last part of lab 7

Begin lab 8 "Transistor Circuits" (old name Lab 4)


A. Finish / understand last lab, especially grounding issues

B. Begin Lab 8/9, instructions are on github, although labeled "lab 4" in prior years

Simulation / resources


Wikipedia article on transistors

2N3904 Wikipedia article

C (Lab 9)

We are going to branch off from Part II of last week's lab "transistors as switches" -- What is the point of using the transistor as a switch?

This activity will be thin on instructions because you can figure out how to do it and learn while doing it

GOAL: Use LabVIEW + DAQ board (digital output) and a modification of the circuit in part II to turn the LED on and off using a LabVIEW program

No bonus points, but if you're a bad-ass