Smoking bans

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Smoking bans by Mind Map: Smoking bans

1. Revenue from smoking industry is HUGE

1.1. Indonesia's deadly money spinner Lynn Lee, Indonesia Correspondent 17 April 2010 Straits Times

1.1.1. indonesian statistics

2. Main issue with smoking is it's negative externalities. It's alright as long as the negative externalities are kept in check

2.1. how ?

2.1.1. smoking etiquette

2.1.2. Smoking responsibly, (Debate should be about how to smoke in a responsible way 27 December 2011 Straits Times, Gabriel Yee) To balance the issues of smokers' rights space constraints and pubic well-being, the authorities could allow smokers to smoke electronic cigarettes at home so that the problem of second-hand smoke is eliminated. The authorities can do more surveys or studies on the usefulness of electronic cigarettes in helping smokers to quit rather than fear that this will encourage more young people to be addicted to nicotine. The public should be given a choice to make an informed decision.

3. what do i feel about it

4. is having more smoking zones good ?

4.1. yes

4.1.1. more places for smokers; separation of general public from harmful smoke.

4.1.2. Localize the litter zones (cigarette butts 95% of litter)

4.2. no

4.2.1. encourages people to smoke, makes it look like its okay to smoke.

5. how would people feel

5.1. pro smokers

5.1.1. rights being taken away

5.1.2. freedom of choice to smoke taken away

5.1.3. To the lower income groups smoking is an affordable luxury, an avenue to relieve stress

5.1.4. discriminatory, criminalizing their habit. hardly motivational to quit

5.2. anti smokers

5.2.1. yes, stop smoking; fresher cleaner environment

5.2.2. Yes, sets the tone for future generations that smoking is bad

5.3. Social stigma on smokers

6. Reduction in tax revenue

7. novel alternatives to settling

7.1. raise restricted age by 1 annually, interesting.

7.2. revamp taxation on tobacco

7.3. Use of smoke-free tobacco products.

8. Janice heng,2010

8.1. 2004-2007; smoking prevalence up 18% to 25% in young men, 7% to 9% in young women

9. New Legislation

9.1. nicotine and tar yields are mandatorily lowered

10. Social isolation has 6X mortality rate then smoking (house,Landis & Umberson,1988)

10.1. Science 29 July 1988: Vol. 241 no. 4865 pp. 540-545 DOI: 10.1126/science.3399889 Social relationships and health JS House, KR Landis and D Umberson

11. Pros versus cons

11.1. Pro

11.1.1. Clear cut No to smoking, cleaner air by law.

11.2. Con

11.2.1. hard to enforce

11.2.2. promotes black market (uncontrollable market)

11.2.3. higher rebel appeal

12. The proposal to widen the smoking ban comes after the NEA caught an increasing number of people flouting the law. In the first 10 months of this year, it issued 4,462 tickets to errant smokers. Last year, the figure was 4,646.

12.1. Prime News Singapore considers widening smoking ban 19 December 2011 Straits Times

12.2. Prime News Smokers may soon get fewer places to light up Kezia Toh 26 November 2011 Straits Times