HG Role - Social Media (R)

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HG Role - Social Media (R) by Mind Map: HG Role - Social Media (R)

1. Responsibilities

1.1. Create compelling visual content for SM accounts

1.2. Create market driven copy and content for SM posts

1.3. Create content strategy calendar

1.3.1. Insta 20/mo

1.3.2. Twitter 4/mo

1.3.3. Facebook 12/mo

1.3.4. Pinterest Re-post best fit content Add logo to images when possible

1.4. Oversee day-to-day campaign management

1.5. Consistently scale company awareness through SM channels

1.6. Supervise client interactions on social media channels and engage via customer service to use sales process to convert interaction into a sale.

1.7. Present bi-weekly action plans (due on the 1st & 15th) to grow and maintain followers through each channel based on previous posts.

1.8. Use analytical tools to submit reports (automate for daily if possible, send weekly)

1.9. Set monthly goals!

1.9.1. Increase Traffic

1.9.2. Improve brand awareness

1.9.3. Scale customer retention

1.9.4. Grow online reputation

1.9.5. Increase speed of sales

1.10. Oversee all schedules and campaigns are deployed and run without bugs.

1.11. Update schedules to ClickUp

2. Upcoming Roles

2.1. Optimization manager

2.1.1. Create A/B tests Landing Pages Banner images Products Copy CTA's

2.1.2. Create and setup media automation's for all processes.

2.1.3. Direct paid campaigns to highly targeted groups and test against general campaigns.

2.2. Website Content Manager

2.2.1. Create content schedule and assets for blog posts from the website.

2.2.2. Write or hire ambassadors to create curated content to publish from our site.

2.2.3. Create new landing pages and web funnels to drive website sales

2.2.4. Create new copy, banners, and CTA's to drive web engagement on the website.

2.2.5. Develop cool marketing ideas to address our audience through promotions, loyalty programs, games, etc.

2.3. Advocacy Manager

2.3.1. Communicate with other relevant advertisers for cross-promotion.

2.3.2. Expand and manage brand's community [Lifestyle Brand]

3. Main Role Requirements

3.1. Responsible for managing the day to day operations and management of the social media accounts.

3.1.1. Assignment includes tracking statistics, presenting clear and brand consistent content across all platforms, creating content calendars and managing deployment, manage requests and acquisition of all creative assets for posts, engaging with users to drive sales, maintain brands ability to compete within our market.

3.2. Communicate and manage all content curators that content is developed with our brand consistency in mind and assets are sent.

3.2.1. We will be working with a number of influencers and ambassadors that will be sharing the rights to their content. Please be in direct communication with all ambassadors to discuss their campaigns and ensure they're inline with our brands message. Also be sure to collect all curated assets to be logged in our content library.

3.3. Content library manager

3.3.1. Make sure all assets are loaded into our content library for easy access and preservation.

3.3.2. Organize and create categories to efficiently search for content.

3.3.3. Oversee requests for content are received via Clickup by adding all new content requests into Clickup to manage.

4. Expected Results

4.1. Maintain brand consistency and reputation across channels through tone, voice and terminology.

4.2. Generate steady leads and sales!

4.3. Identify and improve organizational development that would improve our content like training, recognition, announcements, team outings, review building, reward programs, etc.

4.4. Calendars are always up to date

4.5. Integrate all channels of marketing (social, content, eCommerce, email, print, affiliate, etc)

4.6. Identify target customer based on content engagement analysis and curate targeted campaigns.

4.7. Understand sales process to convert SM interactions into leads.

4.8. Present reports weekly on consistent KPI's showing ROI

4.8.1. Audience Growth Audience Profile Audience Engagement Content Reach Engagement by Content Type Leads Response Rate and Quality Negative Feedback