How To Grab Life By The Throat: 7 Habits That Led To The Life Of My Dreams

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How To Grab Life By The Throat: 7 Habits That Led To The Life Of My Dreams by Mind Map: How To Grab Life By The Throat: 7 Habits That Led To The Life Of My Dreams

1. I embraced failure

1.1. Fear of failure prevents many people from taking action, and as a result, reduces their potential success in life.

1.2. You cannot succeed without failing unless mediocrity fulfils you.

1.3. When you fail, you learn. And when you fail big, you learn big.

1.4. The risks will be worth it, and you can always ask for forgiveness.

2. I developed a growth mindset

2.1. Develop new skills, solve new problems, acquire new knowledge, and figure out ways to enhance your life

2.1.1. Your intelligence and abilities can be developed. Raw talent isn't the only factor to success

3. I stopped using reactive language

3.1. Choose your words carefully, especially when you’re talking to yourself.

3.2. Replace “I can’t”, “if only”, and “I must” with “I will”, “I choose to”, and “let’s look at this another way”.

3.3. In challenging situations, track the questions you ask yourself.

3.3.1. For instance, replace “why me?” with “what can I do about this?”

4. I stopped arguing with reality

4.1. Next time you’re faced with a challenge, instead of resisting what has already occurred, accept the facts, and clarity will prevail.

4.1.1. However, don’t get this confused with giving up. Acceptance isn’t passive. It’s the first step towards corrective action.

4.1.2. You might be accepting the world as it is, but this won’t diminish your desire to change it.

5. I harnessed the power of choice

5.1. Next time you’re faced with a difficult situation, exercise the freedom of your own inner-world and take corrective action.

5.1.1. Bad things are going to happen, most of which are completely outside of our control.

5.1.2. Realizing this is a source of strength.

5.1.3. We always have control over how we respond to challenging events, even extremely difficult ones.

6. I stopped blaming others for my problems

6.1. Take responsibility for yourself.

6.2. Next time you feel like blaming someone else, take time to think about how could solve the problem yourself.

7. I stopped making excuses

7.1. Play your own hand, or the world will play it for you.

7.1.1. You might not have got the lucky breaks in life, but you can make things happen.