How This Powerful Approach Made me a High Performing Polymath

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How This Powerful Approach Made me a High Performing Polymath by Mind Map: How This Powerful Approach Made me a High Performing Polymath

1. How to Practice Them

1.1. Plan the “what” and the “when”.

1.2. For each skill, start by asking:

1.2.1. What steps do I have to take to learn that skill? What is the 20% effort required to learn 80% of the results (Pareto Principle)?

1.3. For the “when”, start by figuring out how much time you can afford to spend on skill learning, in blocks of 30 minutes.

1.4. The next step is figuring out when you can, on a daily basis, get blocks of 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

1.5. Take your calendar out and put exactly what you need to do for each day.

1.6. Also, write the intended quantifiable results.

1.7. Every day, give yourself a score on how well you achieved your desired result, on a scale of your choice

1.8. At the end of the week, sum up your performance and ask yourself these questions:

1.8.1. What went right?

1.8.2. What went wrong?

1.8.3. How can I do better next week?

1.9. Then re-adjust accordingly.

2. How to Choose the Skills

2.1. Choose skills that work different areas of your brain.

2.2. Choose a creative skill and a logical skill.

2.3. Once you’ve decided on a “branch”, be specific.

2.3.1. If you’re thinking about music, are you thinking about an instrument or singing?

2.3.2. If it’s an instrument, which one?

2.3.3. If it’s the violin, what cords do you want to learn?

2.3.4. If you’re thinking about singing, what type of songs? What techniques?

3. Why 3 Skills

3.1. To spend 15 hours a month on learning a skill, you just need to spend 30 minutes a day

3.2. Everyone can find 30 minutes in their day. And you could do 3 skills a month

3.3. If you vary your activities and work different areas of your brain, you can stay energized longer.

4. Learn 3 New Skills Every Month