Booster Club

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Booster Club by Mind Map: Booster Club

1. Timeline

1.1. 2019-2020 Get things started

1.1.1. Fundraising for travel and gear Team run Tournaments/Events Restaurant Nights Snack Bar at Games

1.1.2. Setup foundation for Booster Club Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose Mission Vision Values Hanalani Athletic Booster Club’s mission is to inspire our student-athletes, coaches, ʻohana, and community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs by supporting athletes to embody Hanalani Strongman characteristics as they strive to achieve their goals in academics, athletics, and beyond. Purpose Committee & Officers

1.2. 2020-??? Continue

1.2.1. Continue setup of Booster Club Incorporate- $5,000 Draft Articles of Incorporation Get Federal Tax ID Get State Tax ID Draft Bylaws Open Bank Accounts Consider Insurance? Apply for 501c3

1.2.2. School Spirit events Athletic Banquet? Summer Alumni Event? Others?

1.3. When ready, pass booster club to committee