How to Silence Negative Thinking

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How to Silence Negative Thinking by Mind Map: How to Silence Negative Thinking

1. Why We Have Negative Thoughts

1.1. Perhaps you feel like an imposter as if you’re not qualified or cut out for your job.

1.2. Or perhaps you spend a lot of time consumed by comparison. You worry that you’re falling behind.

1.3. Negative thoughts are natural. No one can be positive 100 per cent of the time.

1.4. It’s simply part of being human, an evolutionary response designed to keep you safe and protected.

2. 5 Ways to Battle Negative Thinking — and Win

2.1. Allow

2.1.1. Allow your thoughts and feelings to come and go like the weather.

2.2. Watch

2.2.1. Pay attention when you tell yourself “this always happens,” “I never do anything right,” or “I should have done….”

2.2.2. Ask yourself, “What is within my control?”

2.3. Acknowledge

2.3.1. Name the emotions that arise for you. Instead of, “I feel bad,” go deeper. Do you feel worried? Resentful? Scared?

2.4. Release

2.4.1. Let everything go. Let everything be.

2.5. Expect

2.5.1. Practice self-compassion. Expect realistic improvement. Be patient with yourself.