What do we know about the universe?

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What do we know about the universe? by Mind Map: What do we know about the universe?

1. The universe is very big and have a lot of planets and the universe don't have limits is infinity and very mysterious.(Gianna Ventre)

2. the universe is infinite and magnificent.Is made up of planets and galaxies each different from the previous one. (Ambar S)

3. The universe have a lot of constellations, stars and planets. (LAUTI)

4. There are 9 planets in the Solar Sistem.(Morena Dominguez).

5. It's size is really huge. AIt's also too old. (Zaira)

6. i know that 8 planets abound in space without counting pluto (Juliana Maieron Ferreyra )

7. that the universe has awesome things

8. The universe is the place where the planets and the stars live.(Bianca.F)

9. The universe is the totality of space and time.( Alibel).

9.1. The universe is made up of many solar systems. Our planet, the Earth, is part of a solar system with Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Ceres, Mercury and Pluton. (Mia Nicolson)

10. THE unibese in misterious and is so big and hab a lot stars(LUCA)


12. that we never we well now if it have a end (mateo fernandez)

13. The universe is big , it have many planets and has no limits if you are a astronaut you can go to the moon.(Giovanna Cipolla)

14. I now that the univers i very long and have a lot of starts and galaxis(Lorenzo Fink)

15. That the universe have a lot of beautifull thing (Martina Araujo)

16. that the universe is awesome

17. The universe is expanding fast, is gradually cooling, so it can be considered that the end of the universe will occur when it freezes.(Renata)

18. The universe is infinite and is made up of planets and stars . ( Sofia Quiroga )

19. The sun is so hot that if we travel there we can hurt us. (LAUTI)

20. Our solar system is in the Milky Way galaxy. There are millions of galaxies in the universe. (Francisco Villena)

21. the universe is big and have the sun and the moon(joaquin piedad

22. The universe is finite and is expanding. It has galaxies with planets and stars. (Ezequiel Unquen)

23. that the univers tour araond the sun.Elias

24. the universe is a big solar system with eight planets ans a lot of stars caty

25. In the universe is where our solar system is.(Emma)

26. The universes is vast.(Emma)

27. The universe is the totality of space, time of galaxies that have stars and planets. It is very difficult to calculate its size.(Agustina Fernandez).

28. The Universe is big in two dimensions (size & age). It's so big than it's difficult for us to understand its size. It make me feel like a raindrop in the ocean. (Zaira)

29. The universe is so big has lot of galaxys and have eon solar system. Sofia.D

29.1. The universe is very large and has many galaxies full off billions start, planets, meteorites and comets (Isabela)

30. The universe is formed by planets , energy, light, stars, galaxy AMD os veremos big

31. the universe is all the space and time and their contents,including planets,stars,galaxies,and all other forms of matter and energy (AMBAR YERIO)

32. The universe os formed by planets, star, galaxy, energy, light, . Sofía Canellas

33. The universe has billons of stars and a lots of galaxies.Santi Salgueiro

34. The Universe is very large and has many galaxies full of billions of start, planets, meteorites and comets. (Isabela)

35. the universe hasa lot of stars and a lot of planets(Benicio Fernández)