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Output by Mind Map: Output

1. Display devices

1.1. Monitor

1.1.1. LCD monitor

1.1.2. Widescreen

1.2. Resolution

1.3. Plasma monitors

1.4. Digital television

1.5. HDTV

1.6. CRT monitor

2. Printers

2.1. nonnimpact printer

2.2. Ink-jet printer

2.3. Multifonction peripheral

2.4. Thermal printer

2.5. Mobile printer

2.6. Label printer

2.7. Plotters

2.8. Large - format printers

3. Speakers , Headphones , Earbuds

3.1. Headphonesare speakers that cover your head or are placed outside of the ear

3.2. Earbuds(also called earphones) rest inside the ear canal

3.3. Some speakers are specifically designed to play audio from a portable media player

3.3.1. Wireless speakers

4. Data projectors

4.1. Digital light processing (DLP) projector

4.2. A data projector is a device that takes the text and images displaying on a computer screen and projects them on a larger screen

5. Interactive whiteboards

5.1. An interactive whiteboard is a touch‐sensitive device, resembling a dry‐erase board, that displays the image on a connected computer screen

6. Force-feedback , Game controllers

6.1. Force‐feedback sends resistance to the device in response to actions of the user

6.2. Tactile output provides the user with a physical response from the device