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Materials by Mind Map: Materials

1. 1. Metals

1.1. Classifications

1.1.1. Metallic Elements Metal Alloys Ferrous Metals Non-Ferrous

1.2. Properties:

1.3. Low Elasticity High Strength High Malleabillty / Ductillity High Density Good Heat Conductivity Good Electrical Conductivity High Magnetic Permability

2. 2. Ceramics

2.1. Classifications

2.1.1. Oxides Nitrides Carbides

2.2. Properties:

2.3. Low Elasticity High Strength High Hardness Brittle High Melting Point Low Heat Conductivity Low Electrical Conductivity

3. 3. Polymers

3.1. Classifications

3.2. Hydrocarbons Thermo-plastics Thermo-setting plastics

3.3. Properties:

3.4. High Elasticity Low Strenght Low Density Low Melting Point Low Electrical Conductivity Low Heat Conductivity Highly Unreactive

4. 4. Composites

4.1. Classifications

4.2. Combinations of two or more materials Combined properties

4.3. Properties:

4.4. Reinforced Concrete GFRP and CFRP Kelvar Composite

5. 5. Advanced Materials