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Communication by Mind Map: Communication

1. visual communication

1.1. Billbords

1.1.1. disadavanages You don't have to look Can be misinterputed Has to be placed well

1.1.2. adavanges Big and bold Hard to miss displays ad constently Target a large auidence

1.2. Television advertisments

1.2.1. Disadantanges people change chanels have to be on at certian times to reach certain age gruops

1.2.2. advanges Seen by a lot of people Gets message across quick

1.3. Posters

1.3.1. Disadvanatges Are easy to miss are not usually seen by alot of people Easy to misinterpute

1.3.2. Advantages Not very expensive Many can be distributed quickly

1.4. Flyers

1.4.1. Disadavntages people throw them away Is not seen by many people

1.4.2. Advantges Not expensive gets the message across Can supply alot of information

1.5. internet

1.5.1. Disadvantages is Often not seen by older generations Not always reliable

1.5.2. Adnavnages Seen by a large varity of people has lost of information Gives messages easily Holders other types of visual communication Can cater for all age groups Has a larg variety of infromation Adverstismanets can be very effective

2. Non visual communication

2.1. Radio

2.1.1. Advantages does not require seeing Gets a messgae across Hard to be misinturpute Can be herd by a lot of people

2.1.2. Disadvanges can only reach some areas does not get a good respose comparied to visual communication

2.2. Speakers

2.2.1. Disadvanges not herd by alot of people Only able to hear within a certain distance Not always clear

2.2.2. Adavnages usually louad Gets message across

2.3. Magaphone

2.3.1. Adavntages It good for large gruops of people in one area Loud Clear

2.3.2. Disadavanges Is only herd by people within a certain distance