Healthcare Information Technology

Health care Technology mindmap

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Healthcare Information Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology

1. Certified Health Data Analyst-CHDA

2. Coding and reimbursement specialist-ICD-10-CM

3. Health Information Managers-AHIMA

4. Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner-HIE

5. Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security-CHPS & RHIT

6. Certified Healthcare Technology Secialist-EHIS-IT professionals

7. Certified Professional in Health Informatics-Data base management-data reporting

8. Health Insurance specialist-AHIM or AAPC-ICA

9. Medical Assistant-EHR-electocardiograms, eclinical works, meditech

10. Medical Transcriptionisdt-radiology, speech recognition technology, EHR, Headset

11. Physicians,Physician Assistants and Nurses- Eclinical works, Meditech-ICD-10-Radiolgy-XRay

12. Physical Therapist, X-ray Technicians- Diagnostic information technology