Healthcare Information Technology

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Healthcare Information Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology

1. Health Insurance

1.1. Health Insurance Specialist

1.1.1. reviews health related claims to determin cost and medical necessity for patients

1.1.2. performs medical billing, coding, record keeping and adminstrative duties. employed by insurance companies, third party administrators and managed care companies

1.2. Health insurance Manager

1.2.1. plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care involved in integrated health care delivery system, updating and mainting with thecnological innovations increased focus on preventative care required to improve health care efficiency and quality

2. Executive/upper level Roles

2.1. Health Information Managers

2.1.1. organize, analyze and maintain patient health information data to ensure quality healthcare

2.1.2. considered experts in managing patient health information and medical records, administering computer information systems and coding diagnoses and procedure.

2.2. Chief Information Officers (CIO)

2.2.1. CIOshire and work with computer specialist, information technology workers and all other IT support personnel.

2.2.2. Responsible for the technological direction of an organization part of the executive team

2.2.3. role is to propose budgets for projects, program, hire, train and manage staff, and purchase equipment

2.2.4. CIOs provide organizations the tools to master and maintain information technology and capability to use the tools

2.3. Chief Knowledge Office

2.3.1. manages organizations capital and leads the development, management and sharing of knowledge for an organization

2.3.2. works to improve patient care and day to day operations

2.3.3. Facilitate communications, connections and coordination in the entire infrastructure of a company

3. Records and translation

3.1. Cancer Registrar

3.1.1. responsible for cancer registrar and ensuring collection and maintenance of data works with physicias, adminsitrators, researchers and health care planners Provides cancer program development support, ensure reporting standards and is resource for cancer information

3.2. Coding specialist

3.2.1. coding personal communicate directly with with providers and documentation and compliance issues and appropriate coding

3.2.2. Acquires knowledge of of programs to ensure that all diagnoses, services and procedures are coded accurately

3.3. Medical Transcriptionist

3.3.1. role is to transcribe precrecorded dication, create meidcal reports, correspondance and other adminstrative material

3.3.2. must submit all transcipts for review and approval

3.3.3. has recently transitioned to mainly editorial and error check job

4. Clinical and patient care

4.1. Health Services Managers

4.1.1. plans, directs, coordinates and supervise delivery of health care

4.1.2. direct clinical department and services often managing entire facility or system

4.1.3. work with health care providers and delivery systems

4.2. Medical Assistant

4.2.1. answer phones, greet patients update medical records, complete insurance claims, schedule appointments hospital admissions and laboratory services

4.2.2. administrative and clinic task to mainaitn office and clinics running and works directly with patients and physicians

4.2.3. do not provide patient care, examination or treatment

4.3. Certified Professional Health Informatics (CPHI)

4.3.1. knowledge and expertise in data anaylsis, reporting management, privacy and securty

4.3.2. Management of Health Information systems and processes and data base management