Jesus' Apostles Appointed after Passover 31CE

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Jesus' Apostles Appointed after Passover 31CE by Mind Map: Jesus' Apostles Appointed after  Passover 31CE

1. Philip - sig. Fond of Horses; Horse-Loving Introduces Nathanael to Messiah Born in Bethsaida Found in Capernaum

1.1. Circumspect, cautious, tactful

2. Nathanael - sig. God has given Bartholemew - sig. Son of Tolmai Father: Tolmai Born in Cana Found in Capernaum

2.1. Honest, nothing hypocritical or devious Israelite in true sense of imitating Jacob

3. Mathew - sig. prob short form of Mattithiah "Gift of Jehovah" Levi - sig. Adherence; Joined Father: Alphaeus (Not sibling of James son of Alphaeus) Living in Capernaum Tax collector

3.1. Keenly appreciated mercy

4. Judas - sig.a form of the name Judah (lauded) Thaddaeus Aka Judas son of James

5. Simon the Cananaean - sig. hear; listen (Cananaen - sig. zealot; enthusiast) Did not necessarily belong to the zealots

5.1. Known for zeal & enthusiasm

6. Thomas - sig. twin Called The Twin or Didymous

6.1. Appears to have been impetuous

7. Father: Alphaeus/Clopas (possibly brother of Joseph) Mother: Mary Brother: Joses - sig. may Jah add; Jah has added

7.1. James son of Alphaeus - sig. One seizing the Heel; Supplanter (English equivalent of Jacob) James the less (either smaller in physical stature or younger in age)

8. Judas Iscariot - sig. Man from Kirioth Father: Simon Iscariot Iscariot commonly understood: from Judean town of Kerioth-hezron Jesus recognised corruption near Passover of 32 C.E. Point of no return: Nisan 9 33 C.E. after being corrected by Jesus in home of Simon the leper. At this time "Satan entered into Judas"

8.1. Formally dependable, able with money and figures Greedy, practising thief; hypocritical, malice, scheming

9. Matthias - sig. shortened form of Mattithiah: gift of Jehovah Selected by lot after prayer Likely one of 70 disciples Jesus sent out

10. Fleshly brothers Father: Jonah - sig. dove AKA: John, Jona Born in Bethsaida Shared family home in Capernaum

10.1. Andrew - sig. Manly (probably) Disciple of John the baptist

10.2. Peter - sig. A Piece of Rock Symeon/Simon - sig. hear; listen Cephas - sig. rocks Simon Peter Married

10.2.1. Dynamic, not hesitant, courageous Solid conviction, strong attachment to Jesus

11. Fleshly brothers Boanerges - sig. Sons of Thunder Father: Zebedee - sig. endow Mother: Salome - sig. peace (Mary's sister? If so, James & John were Jesus' first cousins) Living in Capernaum

11.1. John - sig. Jehovah has shown favour/Jehovah has been gracious (English equivalent of Jehohanan) Disciple of John the baptist Died 100 C.E. in Ephesus - last living apostle

11.1.1. Loyal, decisive, strong love, hatred of what is bad, dynamic

11.2. James - sig. One seizing the Heel; Supplanter (English equivalent of Jacob) Possibly the eldest. Died 44 C.E. - 1st apostle to die as martyr

11.2.1. Energetic, fiery, enthusiastic