My Nightmare Machine

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My Nightmare Machine by Mind Map: My Nightmare Machine

1. Design

1.1. Using Google Sketchup

1.1.1. Google Sketchup Progression Doc

1.2. Create a design document explaining where you got inspiration from

1.3. Use reflective journal to track progress.

2. Building

2.1. Where will you build this? What is a good space

2.2. Health and safety plan to ensure there are no accidents.

2.3. testing sounds as you build, making sure they are resonant enough.

3. Recording

3.1. contact microphones

3.1.1. making them yourself collecting the materials researching how to make them Using blogs, YouTube videos , websites from individual creators

3.2. through cubase or logic x pro

3.3. File management will be important in making sure that I stay organised

4. Electronics

4.1. how to make contact microphones

4.2. How to connect contact mics to an audio desk

4.3. creating pre-amps to boost the signal

5. YouTube

5.1. Create new email and make a YouTube channel

5.2. Plan video ideas and how you will link it to other social media

5.3. Editing YouTube videos using Final Cut Pro

5.3.1. Find something to edit Thumbnails with

5.4. Artwork for YouTube and social media

6. Selling Sample Pack

6.1. What platform will you use to sell your sample pack

6.1.1. What tools does this website have to promote your samples?

6.2. How much will you sell this for? Does your profit cover the cost of the materials

6.2.1. How much do you aim to make?

7. Social Media and Marketing Plan

7.1. Use instagram and link to YouTube channel

7.2. have a public instagram page and link to YouTube channel.

7.3. Use hashtags to increase activity and only follow other instagram pages that have music-related content.

8. Primary Research

8.1. Artwork.

8.1.1. Talking to the artist and working together to get the artwork I want

8.2. Interviews

8.2.1. Talking with either Mark Korven or Tony Duggan-Smith

8.2.2. Talking with other creators online who do similar projects on YouTube

8.3. Physically building the machine

8.3.1. Recording through YouTube videos and reflective Journals.

8.3.2. Recording challenges as well as successes

9. Desired audience

9.1. Anyone who is interested in music technology

9.1.1. I expect that most of my audience will be people in music technology and production

9.2. Friends

9.3. Women in music production.

9.4. People who are looking to do similar projects

9.4.1. I may be able to help people doing similar projects by showing my projects, failures and successes on YouTube and instagram

9.5. People who make horror genre sound tracks or Horror games could use the samples

9.5.1. Samples could eventually be used in horror movies, games, or soundtracks

10. Artwork

10.1. Asking someone else

10.1.1. Jayden Hambleton will be doing the artwork for me Two images. One for my album cover and one for my YouTube banner

10.2. Creating it myself

10.2.1. Creating it myself my be possible if I do not find someone to do the artwork for me