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ASIAN ELEPHANT ( Scientific name: ELEPHAS MAXIMUS ) by Mind Map: ASIAN ELEPHANT ( Scientific name: ELEPHAS MAXIMUS )

1. When Asian Elephant extinct there will be no animal that can dig the water when dry season. Also there will be no animal for making vital as water source for many smaller animal.

1.1. Vital means necessary for the success or continued existence of something extremely important

2. 1. what is asian elephant

2.1. A asian elephnant is the largest terrestrial mammals. They can reach 6.4m in length. But they are smaller than African elephant

3. 2. Where do asian elephant lives ?

3.1. Asian elephant lives in tropical and grassland in southeast Asia. They also live in India in the west, Nepal in the north,Sumatra in the south, and Borneo in the east.

4. 3. Facts about Asian Elephant

4.1. An elephant's trunk has more than 40,000 muscles, more than all the muscles in a human body. Also like I say that they are the largest terrestrial mammals and they are also smaller than African elephant one more they can reach 6.4m length and the shoulder is 3m

5. 4.How does Asian Elephant adapt ?

5.1. They can use their trunk to take the water and blow their trunk so the water from the trunk can go to the elephant mouth. Also they use their ears make them cool from the heat by flapping their ears.

6. 5. Conservation status of Asian Elephant ( Endangered )

6.1. Why is Asian elephant endangered ?

6.1.1. Hunters take their tusk for lot of money. It is primarily threatened by loss of habitat. human have conflict between Asian elephant. Threaten means to tell someone that you will kill or hurt them or cause problems if they do not do what you want.

7. 9. What real action can we do to save elephant ?

7.1. Say to the hunter to stop hunting the elephants . Build a home for the elephants. Take care of the smaller elephant/ we can save the baby elephant.

8. 7. What happened to the environment if Asian elephant extinct ?

9. 8. What do people do to conserve Asian elephant

9.1. Protect the elephant from hunter.Promote Elephant friendly policies.Protect their habitat or their home

10. 6. Why should we save Asian elephant ?

10.1. Because when dry season Asian elephant is good help and they help by dig water using their tusk and that's why we need to save this endangered animal .