International Response to Terrorism

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International Response to Terrorism by Mind Map: International Response to Terrorism

1. European Union

1.1. Background

1.1.1. Most European countries involved - so when a terrorist attack happens they all get involved to help each other

1.2. Eg.

1.2.1. After 2016 Berlin Market attack, the suspect was found very quickly in Italy due to EU info sharing between countries

1.3. Europol

1.3.1. EU police force fighting terrorism

1.3.2. Arrested 1053 people for terrorism in 2016

1.4. Struggles

1.4.1. Difficult to transport terrorists back to own country because can't curb UN human rights 6 Algerian terrorists couldn't be deported in 2016

1.4.2. Lack of information sharing despite Europol The terrorists who attacked Brussels airport in 2016, Khalid and Ibragim El Bakraoui, had information about them that wasn't shared

2. United Nations

2.1. Background

2.1.1. Almost every country is a member of the United Nations and

2.1.2. Aim = global peace and security

2.1.3. Eg. Global strategy to combat terrorism

2.2. Global strategy

2.2.1. 1. To promote a culture of peace and respect among nations, religions and people.

2.2.2. 2. To ensure that no country is facilitating, financing or providing a base for terrorist activity.

2.2.3. 3. To intensify cooperation in exchanging accurate information concerning the prevention of terrorism.

2.2.4. 4. To strengthen coordination and cooperation among member nations in combatting crimes that might be connected with terrorism.

2.3. Example

2.3.1. Strategy 2 - UN heavily involved and monitoring in Afghanistan

2.4. Struggle

2.4.1. What constitutes as terrorism?

2.4.2. US & Russia have different views on Syria which has hindered


3.1. Background

3.1.1. Created after WW2, 28 countries, aim to stop war

3.2. Work

3.2.1. Assisting in world fight against terrorism since 9/11, they do a lot of work in Afghanistan - helping create a democratic government by elections and enforcing of law

3.3. Difficulty

3.3.1. Resistance in some countries due to large-well supplied terrorist groups Troops in Afghanistan until met with huge resistance from the Taliban in 2014