3na SWOT March 2021

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3na SWOT March 2021 by Mind Map: 3na SWOT March 2021

1. Strengths

1.1. Employee loyalty

1.2. Good understanding of how our business is running

1.3. Solid quality management

1.3.1. Repeatable processes

1.3.2. Internal reviews

1.3.3. Standard templates

1.4. Regular contact with employees and clients

1.5. Very low overheads

1.6. High quality employees

1.7. Good reputation

1.7.1. Clients and employees tend to come back to us

1.8. Capacity to take on immediate short term work

1.9. Capacity to work on the business

1.9.1. Business Development

1.9.2. Capability development

1.9.3. Business improvements

1.10. Able to drop people not in work

1.10.1. Mostly casual employees

1.11. Agile, able to change direction quickly

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Low profit

2.1.1. Jason and Adrian not billing

2.2. Vision / strategy not widely communicated

2.3. Marketing

2.3.1. Website

2.3.2. Quad chart / capability statement

2.3.3. Brochures

2.4. Value proposition / elevator pitch

2.5. One trick pony - just do resourcing

2.6. Struggling with alternate sources of income

2.6.1. Projects

2.6.2. Consulting

2.7. Majority of people in BHP

2.8. Lacking visibility into opportunities with some significant clients

2.9. Very reactive, lack planned pipeline of work

3. Threats

3.1. Looming recession

3.1.1. Job market getting tight

3.1.2. Unemployment rising

3.2. Increasingly difficult to find candidates

3.2.1. Less likely to jump

3.2.2. Stronger preference for longer term contracts

3.3. Increased competition with more agencies competing to place people

3.4. Tension with China

4. Opportunities

4.1. Lots of Defence work in SA and interstate

4.2. Remote working widely accepted

4.2.1. Increased opportunity to work in other states with limited travel

4.3. Women's and Children's ramping up

4.4. Position 3na as "Implementation Partner" with product vendors

4.5. Increasing focus on cyber security