Bullying and Unsafeness

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Bullying and Unsafeness by Mind Map: Bullying and Unsafeness

1. Have you ever suffered cyberbulliyng during the confinement?

1.1. Sweden: Our schools hasn´t closed yet, but people tend to bully more when they can be anonymous.

1.2. Slovakia: Personally, I have never dealt with cyberbullying. But that doesn't make me think of it as any less significant of an issue. Cyberbullying leads to many tragedies and sometimes it can be very underestimated, which should be changed. The internet feels like a very safe space but mostly, it definitely isn't. In the perfect world, we would stop the people who are doing all the cyberbullying, but because this isn't yet the most realistic and possible option we have to settle for educating ourselves and other people around us, and being very careful on the internet. You have to remember not to trust anyone you have just met online.

2. Spain

2.1. How do you feel when you go to the street for the first time?

2.1.1. Sweden: We never had a lockdown, so we can´t answer that question.

2.1.2. Slovakia: click and listen

3. Slovakia

3.1. How did you feel when you heard that you have to be at home because your country was attacted by a virus?

3.2. Did you have an experience with cyberbullying during the CORONA times?

3.2.1. Spain: No, we didn't have an experience with cyberbullying during the CORONA time.

3.3. What are the disadvantages you have to face during the home schooling?

3.3.1. Spain.Internet wasn't working well.

3.3.2. spain. I don´t have a computer.

3.4. Did you notice any misbehaviour towards your classmates or friends while having an online lesson?

3.4.1. Spain:No,because we didn't have online lessons, but we did online tasks.

4. Sweden

4.1. When and where do you feel unsafe in your country?

4.1.1. spain.I feel unsafe when I go to the shops because there is a lot of people.

4.1.2. SPAIN I ful unsafe when I go to the hospital because there is ill people

4.2. Is there bullying in your schools?

4.2.1. spainSome time ago yes.Not now in our class.

5. Croatia

5.1. Have you experienced any kind of bulling during the pandemic?

5.1.1. Spain No, we haven't.

5.1.2. Spain Yes, we have. We felt unsafe when our parents go to supermarket because there was a lot of pepole

5.2. Have you felt unsafe in any kind of way during the pandemic?

6. Spain:How do you feel when you went to school the first day wa mask?